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  • Maltese Rescue of South Africa
    Maltese Rescue of South Africa
    Maltese Poodle July 2, 2020
    We provide a home to home service for all Maltese breeds in need in South Africa.
  • Yorkie Rescue in Gauteng
    Yorkie Rescue in Gauteng
    Yorkshire Terrier March 10, 2020
    Do you need to find a new home for your Yorkie urgently? Yorkie Rescue helps to re-home Yorkshire Terriers in Gauteng and covers all areas in and nearby the province, including Pretoria, Johannesburg, Centurion and Midrand. Subscribe to this blog to ...
  • SA Yorkie Rescue
    SA Yorkie Rescue
    Yorkshire Terrier December 6, 2019
    We have been unofficially involved in rescuing homeless yorkies for the past ten years and have been able to find loving homes for all of them in the Western Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Natal, and the Free State. It is our goal to help as many surre...
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our main goals:

To provide immediate safe shelter for our rescued animals where they stay until they are ready to be placed for adoption.

To provide up to date vaccinations and spaying and neutering services for our rescued animals.

To help keep people with their pets by donating food and helping them find low cost veterinary clinics.

To educate the public about proper animal care and pet overpopulation.